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    Perfeccionamiento De Pelo Rizado


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    default Perfeccionamiento De Pelo Rizado

    Mensaje por ockre el Vie Ago 29, 2008 3:46 am

    Perfeccionamiento De Pelo Rizado
    step 1

    This tutorial was by request. Source photo from clipart.com. Model's
    natural beauty meant that very little correction was needed for skin
    tone and texture. But that beautiful curly blonde hair screamed for
    freedom from those pigtails. Here's how I did it...

    1. Open your Layers palette if it's not already open. Make a copy layer
    of the original source by dragging the background layer to the New
    Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette, then letting go.

    step 2

    Using the Patch tool, make minor corrections to eyes and skin. With
    Destination radio button selected, use the Patch tool to make a small
    selection on clear skin near the area you want to correct, drag the
    selection onto the "wrinkled" skin and let go. This is a little
    different from the way others use their patch tool.

    step 3

    Make a selection of the irises. Because it gives me Selection
    immediately, I used the Polygonal Lasso tool in this project, clicking
    often to make small segments to get the general roundness. Click Add To
    Selection. After both irises are selected, click Copy and Paste to make
    a new layer. Name it Iris Dodge. Duplicate the irises layer and
    name it Iris Blend.

    4. Use the Dodge tool set to Highlights and brighten the area around
    the pupil. For this size image, the brush size is 10, hardness 10,
    exposure 20%.

    step 4

    5. Click on the Iris Blend layer to activate it and reduce opacity to 75%.

    step 5

    Click on the Background copy layer and reduce Dodge exposure to 10%,
    harness to 0, and brush size to about 15. Use Dodge on the eye whites
    to brighten them.

    step 6

    7. Set Burn to 30 brush, 0 hardness, 15% exposure for Shadows and softly stroke the eyebrows, and top and bottom eyelashes.

    step 7

    8. For more intense eye color, add a Hue Saturation layer mask.

    step 8

    Click COLORIZE. Adjust color to around 200 for blue eyes and adjust to your liking.

    step 9

    on the white mask, hold Ctrl and Delete to fill the mask with black.
    Size a round brush to about the size of the iris, 80-95% hardness, and
    with WHITE as the brush color, click on iris to show the blue.

    step 10

    Reverse the default mask colors and paint with black on the mask to clean up/hide unwanted blue color.

    step 11

    Make a selection of the lips. Copy and paste to create a new layer and
    name it Lip Color. Make a SECOND lip layer and name it Lips

    step 12

    10. Using Image-> Adjustments-> Hue/Saturation, adjust the color to your liking.

    step 13

    To keep some luster, click on second lips layer and Image->
    Adjustments-> Brightness/Contrast and adjust to your liking. Reduce
    opacity to 15-20%. This is a VERY subtle effect.

    step 14

    Now that luscious HAIR! On the main background layer, make a general
    and irregular-shaped selection of the best, most in-focus area of
    curls. You can include some outer background edge, but avoid areas with
    clothing color coming through.

    step 15

    and paste the first hair layer then duplicate as many more layers as
    you want to fill the area. I made 4 layers for the right side and one
    more layer for the left side. Rotate the hair layers as needed to
    create a "natural" fall.

    step 16

    BLEND by using a very soft Eraser tool, set to 0 hardness and varied
    sizes. Because hair or curls tend to be "sharp" or at least have
    defined edges and texture, I wouldn't recommend any other blending tool
    because blur will occur. If you erase too much, either Undo, or make
    another layer and redo!

    14. For the far left side, the erasure will take a finer hand. My
    favorite technique is to set the hair layer to low enough opacity
    (around 25%) that I can see the face profile and - with the hair layer
    highlighted - erase with a low opacity, medium-hard eraser of varying

    When you're done and happy with the erased edge, set the opacity of that layer to around 88%.

    step 17

    Finished! Smile

    VIA: http://www.photoshoptalent.com/photoshop-tutorials/pst/779/Curly-Hair-Enhancement.html


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    default Re: Perfeccionamiento De Pelo Rizado

    Mensaje por -PhranToM- el Miér Sep 03, 2008 7:08 am

    que de ordennnn !!! ^_^

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    default Re: Perfeccionamiento De Pelo Rizado

    Mensaje por Samus el Mar Sep 09, 2008 2:17 am

    Muy buen tutorial gracias por el aporte

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